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Baskin Robbins Offering Buy One Sundae, Get One Free on Wednesdays

January 16, 2013

Two_Scoop_Sundae_SN004lAs strange as it sounds, statistics show that more ice cream is sold in the month of January than any other month. Odd, isn’t it, considering the cold and all. Also, did you know that more than 40% of statistics are made up? No? Well, it may not be true, but the Cheap Bastard made that one up….

Anyhoo, the fact of the matter is that Baskin Robbins has begun offering a BOGO deal where you can buy one two-scoop ice cream sundae and get a second one for free every Wednesday. The announcement does not say which stores are making good on the offer, but the CB suggests you call before you go, then bring along two kids and a camera just for grins. You’ll be so busy trying to take photos, you’ll burn off calories laughing and you won’t even want the ice cream.

The deal goes through the end of March.

Thanks Thrifty NW Mom.

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