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Sbarro Free Skinny Slice 1/15

January 11, 2013

Unknown-7Whenever it comes to anything Sbarro, the CB is conflicted. You can find Sbarro in any mall food court and the pizza slices are cheap and filling, especially with this deal where you’ll be able to get a free skinny slice at participating locations on Jan. 15th (with coupon, which you can get by going to Sbarro’s facebook pageThe problem is, the CB has found that the pizza usually tastes like cardboard with a layer of cheese and tomato sauce slathered on it.

The CB became even more conflicted when an alert reader recently told him that she had a special fondness for Sbarro because many of the Sbarro’s she knew of were owned by recent immigrants. Far be it from the CB to rain on the parade of someone who is pursuing the American dream, but still…he just wishes the pizza was better.

He can tell you the folks at the Sbarro in Westlake Center were nice to his kids and had good pasta, which his wife and his children thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, Sbarro is not giving away its pasta, it’s giving away its pizza. Maybe there’s a reason for that.

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