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More Fun Free Events

January 10, 2013

Now that the Cheap Bastard has met last year’s goal of $24,000 in savings at the very last minute, he is feeling a bit of a letdown, a sort of malaise if you will. Sure, it’s great to give you deals, but he also likes some sort of goal similar to what he had last year, but he can’t think of anything. The only other big ticket item he can think of is a house and there is no way he can help you save for that. He is open to suggestions, however.

In the interim, the CB is gogetting back to his roots by mixing free events with ways to save money on the stuff you’d buy anyway. Here are some of his favorite upcoming events courtesy of Freeattle and other sources:

Chocolate Happy Hour at Chocolopolis–If you’re a long time reader, you already know that Chocolopolis on Queen Anne does free high end chocolate tastings from 5 to 9 pm on Thursdays and, guess what, today is Thursday! So, what are you waiting for? This week the focus is on single origin chocolate bars with stuff in them…like fruit and raisins.

Meet Nancy Leson–Seattle Times food writer still laughs about the day the Cheap Bastard’s alter ego David Volk edited a story written by Nancy Leson for a small monthly newspaper and he accidentally changed the word “trash compactor” to “trash computer,” which still doesn’t make any sense. Fortunately, she’s gone on to greater things and he’s become the Cheap Bastard. You can hear her speak at 6:30 pm tonight at the Edmonds Public Library. Whatever you do, don’t ask her what a trash computer is.

Farm Market Happy Hour and Smoothies–Sample healthy green smoothies and toast your resolution to eat healthier this ear at 21 Acres in Woodinville at 6 pm, Friday, Jan. 11th.

Kids Club Healthy Eating Adventure–Lynnwood’s Whole Foods invites 7 to 12 year-olds on a healthy eating adventure that will include a store scavenger hunt and healthy snacks. 2 pm Saturday, Jan. 12th.

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