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Three Massages for $89

December 30, 2012

136a65ec61255f48c71361f5433d39a6c82d91c5e7377ce18e307fd0f8b1bd05._SX280_SY400_.Let’s face it, the first days of a new year are a stressful time. You’ve just spent what seems like several years stuck with your relatives, your kids are still out of school for what may seem like forever and you know things have changed at work, but it’s hard to tell how much. Maybe it might just be the date on the calendar or it something more serious.

So, why not treat yourself to a couple of massages to help get you through. Sure, this Amazon Local deal with the Puget Sound Massage Clinic in south King County also offers one hour-long deep-tissue, Swedish relaxation or integrated energy massage (whatever that is) for $35 ($80 value), but why not go for a package deal and get three for $89 ($240 value).

At a time when we’re about to go over a fiscal cliff and Congress can’t get its act together, it’s always nice to be assured that no matter what happens, you’ll be guaranteeing yourself a soft landing.

Savings to date: $24,131.03

And there you have it. The Cheap Bastard made his goal with days to spare. Now, let’s see how much more savings he can stack on and what kind of car you can buy with it once the year is over!

Also, now that that’s done, let’s start talking about a place to have the first Cheap Bastard Seattle meet-up.

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