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Enjoy More Than Cheese With a Two Night Tillamook Stay, $109

December 28, 2012

Most Northwesterners know about the Tillamook Factory Tour just outside the tiny town of Tillamook, but did you know that it’s also home to the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center and the Tillamook Air Museum located in a World War II Blimp Hangar. Not enough to sway you to drive the distance from Seattle just to see cheese being made?

What if the CB told you that you could also stay at the Ashley Inn in this pastoral town for around $55 a night or $109 for two nightsthanks to Groupon? Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so far away to go to take a walk along the beach on Cape Meares National Wildlife Refuge or spending a day staring at a collection or restored vintage military war birds. And you can spend the next day gorging yourself on dairy goods at the cheese factory and then head down the road for a wine tasting.

Thanks to Queen Bee Coupons.

Savings to date: $23,736.54.

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