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Don’t Overlook Gift Card Bonuses!

December 19, 2012

The Cheap Bastard admits it. There are times when he’s lazy. Either that, or he’s just plain tired from being a stay-at-home dad on rainy days like this when being stuck indoors makes his kids surly.

So, when he saw a ThriftyNWMom post about bonuses you can get when you buy certain gift cards, he first thought about using that as a jumping off point, doing additional research and mentioning even more deals in a post of his own. Then he realized how much time he was going to have to spend cleaning the kitchen and other domestic duties and he thought, “Never mind.”

As a result, he’s simply going to refer you to one of his favorite bargain blogs, ThriftyNWMom, where you can see the post yourself. Before he does that, he wanted to mention a few of his favorite deals from TNM’s post. They include:

Half Price Books–Buy a $25 gift card, get a bonus $5 gift card.

Taco Bell–Buy $20 in gift cards, get any menu item worth up to $5 free.

McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant–Buy two $50 gift cards at Costco for $79.99. Hmmm. The CB wonders if you can use them to buy stuff during their extra cheap happy hours. The same deal applies for Wolfgang Puck Restaurants.

Here’s a deal TNM didn’t have:

Ben & Jerry’s–Buy $10 or more on gift cards and get a free scoop at participating scoop shops.

Thanks, Thrifty NW Mom.

Savings to date: $22,673.25.

$1,326.75 left.

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