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Walgreens Brings You A Great Date Night

December 18, 2012

img_savingCan2Of course, that’s not what Walgreens is calling it, but what else would you call a promotion that involves a gift card and a package of K-Y Yours + Mine?

Okay, enough silliness. But the Cheap Bastard does have to point out that another blogger called it “an exciting Walgreens promotion” and the CB has to agree. Buy a package of K-Y Yours + Mine for $14.99 this week and the cashier will give you a voucher for a $25 gift card. Not only that, but the Krazy Coupon Lady says you can stack it with a $3 Walgreens facebook coupon and a $5 Walgreens December Savings Book coupon to bring the price to somewhere around $6.99 on a product that usually sells for $21.99. (That’s a $46.99 value for $6.99!)

Thanks to Krazy Coupon Lady!

Savings to date: $22,458.23

$1,541 left.

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  1. Donna Sorrell permalink
    December 18, 2012 9:04 pm

    Walgreens didn’t know anything about a $25 voucher to So, I didn’t get one đŸ˜¦ @Hyway99 & 208th in Lynnwood

    • December 18, 2012 9:44 pm

      Well, what a revolting development that is. The CB was getting ready to rush down to Walgreens himself to take advantage of the deal. He at least hopes you were able to take advantage of the discounts and get it for less than the regular price. If not, please let him know and he’ll pull the post. Thanks.

    • December 20, 2012 11:01 pm

      I just went to Walgreens and tried the deal out myself. The clerk didn’t know anything about it either until he looked at the receipts he gave me. Turns out that the coupon was one of the receipt sized pieces of paper you should have received when you paid. In the couponing trade folks call it a catalina. The CB isn’t sure why it’s called that, but that’s the name for a coupon that comes out when you purchase something. Sometimes it’s on the back of the receipt. Other times it’s on a piece of paper that prints out at the same time. Did you keep your receipts and paperwork?

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