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Free Donuts, BBQ School and Italian Dinner Deals

December 12, 2012


When the Cheap Bastard woke up today and looked at his clock, he thought there’d been a power outage because his clock said 12-12-12. Then, he thought he was having a bad dream and was at his mother’s house because his VCR was also blinking 12-12-12 as well. Just before he was about to completely freak out, he remembered that it was December 12, 2012 and he relaxed…until he remembered that the Mayan apocalypse was just nine days away (just kidding). 

The Cheap Bastard doesn’t know about you, but given the date, he thinks today should have been proclaimed National Technology Illiteracy Day or at least National Technophobe Day, for obvious reasons. 

Now, here are the deals from a man who’s relieve that he doesn’t have to rush through his house resetting all his clocks.

KRISPY KREME’S DONUT FREEBIE–In celebration of what it’s calling Day of the Dozens, Krispy Kreme is giving away a dozen original glazed donuts with the purchase of a dozen original glazed and a facebook coupon.

GET PERSONAL AT PASTA FRESKA–Who doesn’t love Italian food? And who wouldn’t love it more if you went to a restaurant that made a meal just for you based on your preferences? Add to that a discount for being a AAA member and you’ve stacked up some nice savings with this AAA Member Deal that will get you $35 worth of food for $15 at Pasta Freska, a place that was a favorite of a longtime friend of the CB’s.  


Barbecue School (Who Knew?)–Although the Cheap Bastard is a big barbecue fan, he had no idea that there was a barbecue school in Seattle, but it turns out there is one…and it’s got a Groupon deal going right now. For just $79, you can take a six-hour barbecue grilling and smoking class from Seattle BBQ and Grilling School for one. He believes good barbecue is priceless, but he was still stunned to learn that this class is a $170 value. Wow!

Savings to date: $21,851.03.

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