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$2 Smoothies, Free Concerts and Melting Clocks

December 11, 2012


Some days it’s hard to find a theme that brings all of the CB deals together, some days it’s not even worth trying. Today is one of those days.

So here are as many deals as I can squeeze into 25 minutes of writing.

Red Mango’s $2 Smoothie–The CB knows it’s spelled smoothie, but he feels like it should be spelled with a “y.” Regardless, Red Mango currently has a coupon for a 16 ounce smoothy/ie for just $2 on its facebook page. Thanks Hip2Save.
Free Event Seats…for Just $40–Have you ever found yourself with an unexpected free evening and wished you had tickets to that big concert you wanted to attend, but didn’t think you had time? Did you ever wish the CB would stop writing complex sentences? Well, you can’t fix that second one, but if you take advantage of the Amazonlocal deal for a $40 annual membership ($80 value) in Fillaseat Seattle, you might be able to fix the second. For just $40 you could find yourself getting free unsold tickets to concerts and theatrical events on the day of the show. It might not get you in to see The Stones or U2, but you just might find your way into the Music Man or something else you really wanted to see. Tickets are on a first come, first served basis and your mileage may vary.

Confuse and Amuse Visitors With A Melting Clock–Occasionally, the CB likes to list deals just because they amuse him. Like the one he just saw on Hip2Save. has an amusing deal on a working reproduction of Salvador Dali’s melting clock that sits on a shelf looking for all the world like it’s slowly sliding off while it tells you what time it is. It’s only $5.99, shipping included ($14.99 value).

Another Leavenworth Lodging Deal–You can get a one or two-night stay in a Standard King Fireplace Room with breakfast and tasty adult beverages at the Obertal Inn in the heart of Washington’s Tyrolean village for $89 a night ($149 value) through Groupon. It’s good for travel Jan. 8 through June 19, 2013, but reservations must be made by Feb. 8.

More travel deals to come later in the day.

Savings to date: $21,160.

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