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Arby’s Sandwich Bogo and Coupon Madness Gets Even Crazier

December 6, 2012


It’s a light day on the bargain front, but the CB has miles to go before he sleeps and miles to go before he sleeps, so let’s get started. 

Arby’s Sandwich BOGO–Now through Dec. 11th, you can get a free Beef ‘N Cheddar Classic Sandwich or Turkey ‘N Cheddar Sandwich when you order one at regular price. Coupon required. Thanks to Hip2Save

$19.99 Entertainment Book Deal Gets Even Better–Remember how the CB gushed about the great Entertainment Book deal yesterday? Well, forget that. The folks at Hip2Save have found an even better deal where you can get books for $11.99 shipped. Just go to, get an account, hit the “shop now” button to find your way to, select “Order Your Book Now,” type in zip code at the prompt and purchase the book for $19.99. Within a month, you’ll get a refund of 40% (around $8) in your account at Once you’ve purchased enough items through ShopAtHome to get $20 in your account, you’ll get a check for…$20. Thanks Hip2Save.


Savings to date: $20,573.53.

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