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Deal Round-up: Bicyclist’s Breakfast and a Freebie Dilemna

November 29, 2012

Although the Cheap Bastard is faced with a choice of epic proportions, he wanted to start off this morning by reminding readers that if you ride a bike to work downtown, you shouldn’t miss the Breakfast Via Bike at McGraw Square this morning. The free breakfast runs from 7:30 to 9:30 and is being served up by Skillet.  Of course, if you’re reading this after 9:30, never mind. 

As I mentioned, the CB is currently facing a freebie lover’s dilemna. Yes, we all know about the typical freebie lover’s classic dilemna: Is it really free if I have drive all the way across town to get it? The other difficult choice is, should you bother getting it if you don’t want it. Today’s question, though, is should you get it if it really isn’t all that good? That’s the problem he faces with a pizza giveaway. The CB loves, loves, loves pizza and could eat it several times a week, but only if it’s good pizza. Unfortunately, he isn’t all that impressed with the pizza being offered. But it is free. It’s a toughie. Fortunately, he doesn’t live anywhere near the firm that is making this offer. 

Free Slice of Pizza–It’s like a good news, bad news joke. The good news is, if you sign up For Sbarro’s Great Eats, you’ll get a printable coupon for a free slice of pizza. The bad news is, even though it’s new and improved, it’s still Sbarro pizza. 

$16 Train Tickets to Portland–Another bit of good news, bad news. Amtrak’s $16 one-way tickets deal between Portland and Seattle is back again. The bad news is that today is the last day to take advantage of it and buy a ticket. 

Fritter Away Time Wit a Freebie–Next Monday is National Fritters Day and the chef at Library Bistro at the Alexis Hotel will celebrate on Dec. 3rd by passing out free fritters on the corner of First and Madision between noon and 1 pm. 

More deals to come as time permits.

Savings to date: $20,045.20

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