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Escape to the Olympic Peninsula for $100 a Night

November 7, 2012

Okay, so maybe you need more than a massage to recover from the election. The Cheap Bastard admits his wife is a poltical widow. Every four years when the election rolls around, she loses me to the daily and hourly updates on, Realclearpolitics,, Nate Silver and talkingpointsmemo.

If I had my way and we could find someone we like to watch the kids for two days, I’d take advantage of the Amazon Local two night stay in an Olympic Peninsula cottage in a New York minute. Or even a Seattle second.

If we left on a weekday, for just $199 (a $526 value) we’d get a two night stay in a private cottage or a luxury room at Juan De Fuca Cottages near Dungeness Bay, get breakfast in a basket, then spend our first lazy day riding around on bikes that we got thanks to a bike rental included in the package, then get up early on the second day and take advantage of a free half day snowshoe rental…and go walk around in the snow. And spend the rest of the time enjoying an uneventful, romantic getaway not too far from home…because you just never know what trouble the kids could get into.

Admittedly, it doesn’t sound like a getaway filled with thrills and madcap adventures, but getting time to talk, hold hands and look out at the water might be just what the doctor ordered. That and lots of sleep.

Savings to date: $18,638.22

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