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Free Jumbo Jack @Seattle Jack in the Box This Week

October 8, 2012

As the Cheap Bastard writes this, it’s almost dinner time and thanks to the Seattle Seahawks, you have a free option that will either be enough for dinner or at least a good start, depending on your appetite.

The team and Jack in the Box have a season long promo going where the fast food shop will give away free Jumbo Jacks any time the Seahawks sack the opposing team’s quarterback three times in one game. When they play a home game, you have to have a ticket stub. When they play out of town, you just need to print a coupon to cash in. When the Seahawks played the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, they sacked the quarterback four times. So, you can cash in this week, even if you don’t know what the heck a quarterback sack is.

Just print out the coupon and head into a participating Jack in the Box. (Notice that there’s a link with the word participating. This time, the CB can take some of the guess work out of cashing in.)

No purchase necessary. Coupon valid until October 14th.

Savings to date: $15,604.57


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