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Getaway for Two to Mysterious Mossyrock

September 27, 2012

Ah, Mossyrock. That exit off of I-5 that everybody sees, but nobody ever does anything about. We all know it’s there, but do we stop? Of course not. And why not. Well, um… because we’re in a rush to get somewhere and there isn’t it. But haven’t you ever wondered? Haven’t you ever thought to yourself, “One of these days, I’m going to have to pull of the highway and see what that’s about?”


Come on, people, work with me here. Now, Amazon Local has come up with a reason for you to see if the town’s rocks really are mossy with a one night stay in an Aspen Lodge room at Lake Mayfield Resort and Marina for just $99 (a $219 value).The deal includes a free wine tasting for two and a breakfast for two. In the spare time you have left, you could fish, kayak, explore downtown Mossyrock or sit back and read a book.

In case you’ve forgotten, Mossyrock is 100 miles south of Seattle and just 9 miles south of Chehalis, which makes it a perfect stop for someone who’s planning to shop until they drop at the nearby outlet mall.

Savings to date: $14,872.05.

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