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Four Week Dating Workshop for $69

September 20, 2012

Let’s face it, Seattle is a tough place to date. Not only is it hard to get to know people, but there’s that whole political correctness thing that guys like me still don’t know how to deal with. Do we open the door or is that patronizing? Do we pick up the check or is that being sexist?

Add the infamous “Seattle Freeze” to the equation and it’s no wonder so many Seattle singles are basket cases. It’s also one of the many reasons the Cheap Bastard is glad he’s getting married. From what he hears, it’s getting frightening out there.

That said, how much would you pay to get advice that could take your dates from so-so nights out on the town to white hot successes? Keep in mind, we’re not talking about one night stands, mind you. Just cracking the code on how to make these relationship interviews go a little better.

How about $69? (Hey, don’t give the Cheap Bastard grief, he didn’t pick the price.)

Attractology and Living Social have a deal going for the four-week dating shop “Thawing the Seattle Freeze” for just $69 (a $295 value). The 60-90 minute sessions are designed to help you “expand your social circle, improve your interactions with folks and radiate confidence.” At the same time, style coaches and personal trainers will help you up your game and look good while doing whatever it is that people do on dates these days.

Savings to date: $14,662.50.

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