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See the Huskies Play for Half Off

September 10, 2012

You’ve got to love generic deals. You know, the ones that obviously seem like they have (insert name of city here) in the draft back at the company that thought it up.

Well, Groupon has one of those for next week’s UW Huskies football game. Not only does the deal not list what team they are playing at Century Link Field at 1 pm Saturday, Sept. 15th, but the e-mail headline for the deal is simply “College Football Game.”

The Cheap Bastard usually isn’t a fan of a deal that’s obviously been thought up by an out-of-towner who didn’t want to spend the time to find out who the Huskies are playing, but, heck, half off is half off.

The deal is this. Groupon Live is offering a G-Pass that will get you into game against the Portland State University Vikings for $36 (value $73). You can buy up to eight per person, but if you want to make sure everyone’s sitting together, you have to buy the tickets together. The deal expires at midnight tonight.

Savings to date: $13,652.56.

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