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Free Turkey Roaster Sandwich at Arby’s 11 to 1 Today (9/6)

September 6, 2012

The Cheap Bastard misses hot turkey sandwiches. No, not the kind you get the day after Thanksgiving, but the kind you get at the old school restaurants where slices of meat sat atop a piece of bread covered in gravy near a mountain of mashed potatoes with a well in the middle that served as a gravy reservoir…..

Arby’s isn’t serving that type of sandwich today, but participating Arby’s are doing the next best thing. They are offering free Turkey Roaster sandwiches from 11 am to 1 pm. The sandwiches come in three varieties– Turkey Classic, Turkey and Cheddar Classic and Turkey Club, but there’s no gravy on any of them as far as the Cheap Bastard can tell.

Still, if you can’t get exactly what you want, getting something close for free is the next best thing.

No coupon necessary. Good while supplies last.

Savings to date: $13,148.56.

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