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Today’s Amazing Fact: Constitutional Crisis

August 20, 2012

In case you haven’t figured it out, the Cheap Bastard is a political junkie. A liberal political junkie. And in the middle of an election year he just loves this shocking tidbit about the Constitution from Bill Bryson’s book, Made in America. Quoting the Oxford History of the American People, Bryson says:

“At the time of its adoption, almost no one saw the Constitution as a great document. Most of the delegates left Philadelphia feeling that they had created a document so riddled with compromise as to be valueless — ‘a weak and worthless fabric,’ as Alexander Hamilton dispiritedly described it. Fifteen of the convention delegates refused to sign it, among them…two of the five men who had written it. Even its heartiest proponents hoped only that the Constitution might somehow hold the fragile nation together for a few years until something better could be devised.”

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