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Free Cuts for Kids at JC Penney

August 8, 2012

The Cheap Bastard mentioned this at the end of last month, but now that we’re in the heart of back to school season, he thought it was worth mentioning again.

That great French department store chain, Jacques Penne (that’s JC Penney to the rest of us) is offering free haircuts to kids grades K-6 all August…as long as appointments are available.

Which of course means, if you haven’t already made an appointment to get your kids’ haircut, you better move quick and let your fingers do the walking. Of course, the CB tries to be full service so he won’t make you look up the appointment number: it’s 855-JCP-KIDS.

And yes, a 1-855 call is the same as a 1-800 call…it’s the another new toll-free area code.

The Cheap Bastard’s final advice: get the cut as soon as possible. That way, your kid won’t look like he just got the haircut on the day before school, which means less abuse from fellow classmates. Also, if the cut is bad, it gives it time to grow out into something less horrible.

Your kid will thank you.

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