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An Ikea Deal You Might Have Missed

August 7, 2012

Go ahead, joke about Ikea if you will. Goodness knows, the Cheap Bastard has, but the place with made up names for everyday stuff has some serious savings in some unexpected ways, as the CB discovered this weekend.

For years, for example, the Cheap Bastard has been hearing about the ball room for kids at Ikea. He’s also done posts about cheap menu items for kids as well, but he and his wife (whatever you do, don’t call her Mrs. Bastard) haven’t been near enough to Ikea with their kids (please, please, please, don’t call them the Bastard children) to take advantage of all that until this past Sunday.

Yes, it’s true. Ikea does indeed have a kids play area including a ball room, but it can be hard as hell to get your kids into it on weekends. Fortunately, we toughed it out and managed to get our children in even though the ball room was closed…..something about an unfortunate accident. And I’m not talking about the kind that results in injuries, if you know what I mean.

While I waited, though, I learned that Ikea has a loyalty card with a few cool benefits. It’s called IKEA Family and one of my favorite benefits is that you’re eligible to keep your kids in the play area for 90 minutes (rather than just 60) when space is available. You also get free coffee and tea whenever you use it in the cafeteria. And then there are the deals around the store.

Current deals listed on the site include a $179 Sofa Table (whatever that is) for $159 and a full size $279 mattress for $259. While we weren’t in the market for either of those items, we were in the market for some soft serve yogurt and got an immediate coupon for a free cone. Since both of us signed up, we were able to get a $1 cone for each of our kids free. Sweet! And that doesn’t even include the $1 latte my wife got and the 12 ounce mocha I got with a shot of caramel syrup for just $2. You can’t even touch a mocha with a shot of syrup at Starbucks for under $4.

And that doesn’t even include the stupid prices in the cafeteria. A kids meal of mac and cheese, veggies and milk, juice or a soft drink for $2.49. A spinach crepe for $2.99. That’s just crazy!

In fact, it gets even crazier according to a blog post at The Coupon Project yesterday.

Every Monday, the store has free breakfast from open until 11 am.
Every Tuesday, kids 12 and under eat free ($2.49 value)
Every Wednesday, Free dessert with purchase of any hot entree from 11 am until close (up to $2.99 value)
Every Thursday, Roasted Chicken and Mash Potatoes from 11 to close for $2.99.

Savings to date: $11,613.60

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