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Get Two Hours of Handyman Help for $64

August 3, 2012

The Cheap Bastard loves his kids, but there are times when he likes to joke that children are agents of Satan sent to destroy our houses.

He’s not referring to his kids, of course. They’re perfect.

He’s not going to mention any names or anything, but over the last year he has heard of a house where a little boy took a door bedroom door off its hinges over the course of a year, created a door knob sized hole in the wall behind his bedroom door and also managed to rip one of two toilet paper dispensers off the wall (his hypothetical sister pulled the other one off). Then, when the people had a handyman fix the toilet paper dispensers, they mysteriously fell off the wall again….

Nope, not naming any names.

It would seem like this would be the perfect case for today’s Groupon deal where you can get two hours of handyman time from Seattle’s Best Handyman for just $64 (a $158 value). The Cheap Bastard’s only fear is that the fix would be broken again within just a few days. Hmmmm. The CB wonders if there’s any way to keep a handyman on retainer.

Savings to date: $11,384.66

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