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Field Report: Red Mango Coffee Chillers

July 30, 2012

Do you remember those Coffee Nip candies your grandmother used to keep in the candy dishes on her coffee table? Well, Red Mango’s Caramel Coffee Chiller tastes just like that.

Caramel wasn’t the only flavor the Cheap Bastard tried during the $1 Coffee Chiller promotion, which continues through Tuesday. Since he lives relatively close to the Red Mango at University Village in Seattle, he also tried the vanilla and the mocha flavors.

For a buck, they aren’t bad, really, but you do have to realize they aren’t Red Mango’s answer to Starbucks fraps. At least, they don’t taste or feel that way. Instead, they seem more like coffee smoothies. At around 330 calories or so, they’re count is about the same as a frap, but they are indeed much smoother. Then again, I’m the type of guy who prefers a chunky beverage.

Although I like them enough to go back today for a coffee flavored chiller if time permits, I can’t say I’d pay the regular $4.95 price where I’m willing to pay full freight on a less expensive Frap (but would happily pay less if it’s on special).

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