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Three Hair Removal Treatments $139

July 10, 2012

People, people, people, what is up with all these deals for laser hair removal? Am I missing something? Are we really that hairy? And do we really care that much?

While the…er…Cheap Bastard can’t speak to that issue, he can at least mention what seems like a deal to him. Seeing as how he’s never been in for laser hair removal for either a small area much less a medium or large area, he’s not sure. So, he’ll leave it up to his readers.

Still, under $50 per treatment would seem to be a good deal.

Oh, let’s just get on with it. Living Social has a deal with Newvue Plastic Surgery in Kirkland for three laser hair removal treatments on a small area for $139 or three treatments from a medium or large area for $199. According to Living Social, the deal is a $450 value.

At this point, the CB is pretty sure he’s missing something, but he’s not sure what, so he’s just going to leave it at that.

Savings to date: $10,006.91.

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