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Four Soft Pretzels for $6

July 10, 2012

First a disclaimer. The Cheap Bastard knows the name of the store involved is Auntie Anne’s, but he wishes to point out that he is not related to said Auntie nor has anything of promotional value exchanged hands.

He just likes soft pretzels.

Within reason.

When he was a child, soft pretzels were a real treat because they weren’t available all that often and his mom would only buy them every now and then.

Fast forward years later to a time when it seems like there’s an Auntie Anne’s in every shopping mall and the Cheap Bastard realizes he hasn’t had a soft pretzel in years. So, he got one earlier this year when the chain was doing a freebie at Tacoma Mall. Man, were those things good. The Cheap Bastard doesn’t know why he doesn’t get one whenever he goes shopping.

Self restraint, he guesses.

Now, he would have a reason to if only this Living Social Deal were good at Northgate Mall, but it’s not. If you live near Bell Square, Southcenter Mall or Lynnwood, though, you can buy a voucher for four pretzels for $6 or $1.50 each.

Not bad, when you consider that the pretzels usually sell for $3.50 (or $14 for 4).

So, what are you waiting for?

Savings to date: 10,019.91

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