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Paddleboard for Half Off

July 9, 2012

Long before the Cheap Bastard knew he was a Cheap Bastard, he tried sailboarding, a frustrating sport not for the balance-impaired. Either you have perfect balance and coordination or you don’t and this then-mild mannered reporter didn’t.

All it would have taken for him to enjoy the sport would have been a stick to help him maintain his balance and maybe removing the sail to give him more room to stand.

Fortunately, somewhere along the line, someone far more enterprising came up with the same idea and the sport of paddle-boarding was born. It’s kind of like a combination of surfing and kayaking with an oar thrown in for good measure.

Now that I’ve said all that, I feel obligated to mention that Dealfind has a deal that will allow paddleboarders a chance to hit the water for half off. Just $20 gets you two hours of paddleboarding time at Northwest paddlesurfers at either Juanita Beach Park or Marina Park in Kirkland.

The rentals must be used by one person, there’s a weight restriction of 250 pounds (really?) and the voucher is good through Jan. 11, 2013, but who wants to go boarding in January? Offer available through Tuesday evening, July 10.

A $40 value.

Savings to date: $9,695.91

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