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Entertainment Books for just $8.98 (including shipping)

July 5, 2012

Every year the Cheap Bastard and his wife (who hates it when you call her Mrs. Bastard) go through a big debate on whether or not to buy the Entertainment Book.

Yes, it’s a deal, but it’s $35 a shot and we don’t always use many coupons. Heck, some times we just plain forget we have it. This year, we decided to buy the Chinook Book because his kids’ school was selling it for a fundraiser. And how many coupons have we used so far? Just one. Have we recovered our costs? Not yet, but soon.

Now, the Entertainment Book has a deal you just can’t pass up. Every book is on sale for $8.99 plus free shipping. IT’s good all week.

Admittedly, the book is only good through November, but at such low prices, you can almost recover the cost by using one of the coupons for McDonalds. And maybe even something at Taco Bell.

Hip 2 Save points out you can make the deal even sweeter by buying it through where you can get 20% cash back, making the price $7.19.

Not too shabby.

Thanks to Hip 2 Save.

Savings to date: $9,532.70

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