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Free Monday Movies with 28 Cent Wings at Kings Hardware in Ballard

June 17, 2012

The Cheap Bastard finds deals in the most unexpected places (in fact, he’ll be doing one about free colonoscopies soon). When he got a temporary reprieve from his 16-day stint as a single parent last night, he took full advantage by going to check out Bitterroot Barbecue in Ballard. It’s decidedly not a Cheap Bastard destination, but he had been hearing great things about the place and he hasn’t been able to find a decent barbecue place since leaving Kansas City, so he decided to get some takeout.

On his way back to his car, he passed King’s Hardware and noticed a sign advertising Monday night movies. Turns out there’s a free double feature on the enclosed patio out back every Monday night all year long. And 27 cent hot wings.

And if you’re starved for comedy, this is a great month to go because it’s Murrayfest, featuring the comedic genius of Bill Murray all month long.

The movies start at sundown and I’ve heard rumors of free popcorn. As for the wings, well, the Cheap Bastard has heard that they’re either 27 cents or 28 cents, but what’s a penny among friends?

The features for Monday, June 18th are “Kingpin” and “Rushmore.”

Oh, and case you were wondering, King’s isn’t a hardware store, it’s a bar/burger joint in Ballard with the slogan, “Burgers, Booze, Patio, Skeeball.”

I admit that neither of these movies are my favorite Bill Murray films, but other people loved “Rushmore,” so here’s a taste of what’s on tap at King’s Hardware:


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