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Field Report: 25 Cent Grand Central Cinnamon Rolls

June 14, 2012

I’ve just returned from getting a full-sized cinnamon roll at Grand Central Bakery in Pioneer Square and my review is…..


As I mentioned yesterday, Grand Central was celebrating its 40th anniversary by offering cinnamon rolls for 25 cents (because that’s what they sold for in 1972). Although I advised people to get there early, there were still plenty just before 9 am. A bakery worker told me they baked 300, but had only just started making a dent in the supply.

Despite the inexpensive price, I almost didn’t get one because I don’t like raisins. Fortunately, the seller told me that they were currants and they weren’t in the dough so I could easily pick them out.

I think what’s left on my plate tells the story best….

Savings to date: $8,684.09

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