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5 Cool Custom Keys for $10

May 30, 2012

If only I had had a key ring with these keys on them, my boss never would have stolen my keys.

Yes, you saw that right. My boss stole my keys. I had put my keys down at the end of a tour guide shift at Savor Seattle and my boss pocketed them because there was no cool key ring that would have distinguished it from any other set of keys (my Clinton Library flashlight key ring had fallen off just days before). He didn’t even know he had done it. As a result, I lost two hours of valuable time packing for my red eye flight to a professional conference in New York City because I was busy looking through a very small warehouse for keys that weren’t there. I finally gave up the search, but not before a lot of angst.

My boss discovered them in his backpack hours later.

If I had had a key ring that featured key heads shaped like a skull, a Union Jack’s skull and cross bones, a grenade or a gun (not recommended for bringing with you when the day’s activities call for going through airport security), I’m sure he never would have made that mistake. And I never would have had to worry about flimsy souvenir key ring fobs falling off again.

$10 may seem like a steep price to pay for 5 keys, but it’s not that much more than a regular key copy these days and it’s a small price to pay for always knowing where your keys are, especially when these keys typically sell for $35. The keys are made by Stat Key Company and the deal is available through Thrillist, a site that tells folks about the latest entertainment and diversions with a bit of ‘tude thrown in.

Savings to Date: $7,575.84.

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