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Burger King Frappes, Reconsidered

May 29, 2012

It was the end of a long weekend, the Cheap Bastard needed to get gasoline, and his kids were asleep in the car, so he figured, why not hit the Burger King drive-through and give the $1 Frappe one more chance? After all, even Seattle Times restaurant critic Nancy Leson hits an eatery more than once before she does a review, right?

The Bastard is glad he did. He’s also glad he tried another flavor.

There’s just something about the mocha frappe flavor that fast food places can’t get right. Even McDonald’s. Apparently, caramel frappes are a little more forgiving.

And so it was with at Burger King.

It was tasty, it was smooth, it was just the right consistency (without yesterday’s monster ice cube at the bottom) and even the whipped cream flourish looked better than Saturday. The dome top still seems like a bit of overkill, though.

So, the Cheap Bastard is willing to give BK frappes a slightly more favorable review, but he’s still not sure he’d be willing regular price.

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