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Bellevue Square Hallmark Store Having Closing Sale

May 23, 2012

Long time readers of this blog know how the Cheap Bastard feels about closing sales. Sometimes stores close because the owner couldn’t stay afloat, other times it’s because the owner has had a good run and just wants to retire.

Hell, the Cheap Bastard even had to run a going out of business sale when his mother died and he had to close down her airport gift shop…and it wasn’t fun.

The Cheap Bastard does not know why Paula’s Hallmark Shop will be closing next month, but it has already started its liquidation sale with many of the prices marked down 20 to 75 percent original retail price on gifts, toys and other merchandise. (No discounts on greeting cards, Fathers Day or graduation gifts).

While this is a chance to stock up on gifts and other stuff, the Cheap Bastard asks sale shoppers to be considerate. As he discovered when he held his own going out of business sale, some people tried to take advantage of the situation by trying to negotiate even lower prices on things that were already marked down. Please don’t do this. If you don’t like the price, just don’t buy it.

Paula’s is on the second floor near Macy’s.

Thanks to Seattle Mom’s Deal Finder.

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