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The Bastard Returneth With Crossfit Deals…

April 28, 2012

Travel really takes it out of a person. Especially when you do a red eye to New York and you arrive at 4:40 a.m. It seems like the Cheap Bastard is just recovering from his jetlag and now it’s time to return home. So, he went to a conference and learned lots of cool stuff. Not the least of which is to never, ever take the red eye to a conference, even if you arrive a day before the conference starts.

After three days of sitting, I also realize I need exercise and this Amazon Local Crossfit Deal may be a good place to start: $59 for a month worth of Crossfit classes at Northwest Crossfit. Although the CB isn’t sure what Crossfit is, exactly, the deal covers that, too. I’d get two weeks of beginner classes and two weeks of unlimited regular classes.

That’s a $242 value for just $59. Not too shabby. Here’s the fine print: Limit 1 voucher per customer, classes cannot be shared and all classes must be taken within four weeks of the first visit. Reservations required. Must be used by Nov. 1, 2012.

Savings to Date: $5,570

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